Star Wars 3D Deco Lights


The 3D Deco Star Wars Wall Lights come in two styles: Darth Vader and Yoda. Pick the one you find more enlightening or get both to achieve maximum enlightenment. They come with a sticker that makes it look like they're coming out of the wall and never get hot to the touch because they're battery-powered LEDs. 3D Deco Star Wars Wall Lights are great for helping us read in the dark about what we're always studying up on: how to take over galaxies near and far, far away!

Product Specifications

Wall-mounted battery-powered Star Wars lights
Officially-license Star Wars merchandise
Choose Darth Vader or Yoda
Never gets hot to the touch
Put it anywhere (except outside) - battery-powered
Crack sticker included to make it look like it's coming out of the wall
Materials: Plastic + LED bulbs
Replacement stickers not available through ThinkGeek. Please contact the manufacturer. (You don't need one now, but you will if you decide to move it.)
Batteries: 3 AA (not included)
Dimensions: Yoda is 8.3" tall; Darth Vader is 12" tall
Batteries last 2-3 weeks if shut off during the day
Includes night light, crack sticker, and 2 wall plugs and screws

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