Ankit Fat Bass - Pastel White Floral Noise Isolating Headphones


Premium sound with great bass
Built to last. Made using 8-line thick wire for long life
Lightweight. Great for adults and kids!
Noise isolation - comfortable silicone eartips create a better fit and seal in your ear and help isolate you from outside noises
3.5mm gold plated jack. Works with iPod, iPhone, all standard MP3 players, newer Blackberries, Nintendo DS, PSP, portable CD players, portable AM/FM radios.

As the name implies, these pleasantly round headphones focus on bringing out clear, quality bass sounds. We know that not everyone likes in-ear headphones, which is why we made our Fat Bass line. These babies have the same fashion-forward appeal of our other headphones, but fit comfortably over your ears instead of inside them. You'll be looking "phat" in our Fat Bass collection. These fit comfortably over your head and provide premium sound with great bass quality, perfect for today's music. Long lasting headphones built with sturdy 8-line cable.

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